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  • Improved Traffic Flow
  • Compliance with Regulations
  • Enhanced Aesthetics
  • Maximized Parking Capacity

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At Golden Valley Striping, INC., investing in professional striping services goes beyond mere aesthetics – it's a crucial step in ensuring pavement safety and effective traffic management.

Clear and well-defined road markings play a pivotal role in guiding drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists, contributing to enhanced safety on the pavement. Whether it's marking lanes, crosswalks, or safety zones, precision striping is instrumental in preventing accidents and promoting orderly traffic flow.
By prioritizing striping services, property owners and managers not only uphold safety standards but also create an environment that is efficient, organized, and compliant with essential regulations.

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Need to replace an old sign? Or add in a new sign post altogether? See how we can get your parking lot compliant.

This service is for clients who need parking lot repairs, blacktop resurfacing, or more. 

This service helps clients with parking lot striping, curb painting, ADA compliance and more.

We help install rubber and plastic car stops, remove the existing ones, and help your parking lot look revamped.

Serving the Greater sacramento and north central valley

Have a crack that needs to be repaired? Let us help you fill it to prevent from spreading more and around your parking lot or driveway.

Need your sealcoating for your asphalt or need a sealcoat for your concrete? Learn more about the different methods we offer for Seal Coat.

This service allows us to add reflective markers for your crosswalks, ceramic dots or ADA mat installs. See what other pavement markers we can install for you.

Need your parking lot regularly maintained? We offer a pavement maintenance plan to help reduce the life-cycle cost of your parking lot. 

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Greg is a person of integrity that takes pride of the quality of his work. He has been in the traffic control compliance industry for over 10 years, and has finally decided to venture on his own with Golden Valley Striping, INC.

Greg Velasco, the man behind golden valley striping, inc.

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